What are Digimon?

Digimon, short for Digital Monsters, live in a parallel world called DigiWorld. There are many kinds of Digimon, which differ in size, shape, body and even power. They can think and speak and also have an unique personality. Because of this they can be good or evil.

Besides that, these monsters can digivolve (short for digi evolution) into more powerful forms. In total, there are 6 normal stages that a Digimon can evolve to: Fresh, In-Training, Rookie, champion, Ultimate, Mega.

  1. As anyone might expect, the Fresh stage is the weakest form of a Digimon. They don't usually fight when they're at this stage.
  2. In-Training, like the name suggests, is the stage when they start to attack, but every kind of Digimon have the same attack: some bubbles.
  3. At the Rookie stage, a Digimon becomes usuaylly bigger and has the ability to do a normal fight. There is an unique attack for each species.
  4. Champion level, is one of the most used. Obviously they are much stronger then Rookies. Their attacks are much more improved.
  5. Ultimate level, can be defined as a mature Digimon and can handle huge battles. They have more attacks then before.
  6. Mega Level, the highest level a single Digimon can achieve. Not all of Digimon become Mega, just the strongest of them. If you want to judge them, their power is increased greatly, more then when they go to Ultimate from Champion, and that usually makes lower levels slightly inferior to the Mega Digimons.

However, Digimon can fuse togethere to create a DNA Digivolution. In Japan, it's called Jogress (Join and Progress) because when they join they go into a higher level. E.g. 2 Champions fuse and create an Ultimate Digimon. When 2 Mega Digimon fuse together tehy bring another Digimon which is also in its Mega Level but for some reasons it's more powerful then the normal Mega Level. Omnimon was a DNA Digivolution of 2 Mega Digimon.

Armour Digivolution isn't considered as a normal Digivolution, mainly because it can't be achieved by digimon themselves. They need a human partner. Judging by powers, they can be classified between Rookie and Champion stage.

The X-Evolution, a special type of digivolution can be gained by the X-Antibody. This type of digivolution was shown at the X-Evolution Movie.