Digimon Xros Wars :: Taiki Kudou

The protagonist of this story and a 7th grade boy. His catchphrase is "I can't turn my back on them!" Although he has a soft heart, he is a child prodigy who is unaware of his own genius. He has no desire or ambition to push someone aside to show off his own abilities, but he ends up kicking ass anyway when it's something that he started up to help someone in need. Because of this, he is popular as a backup player and this leaves him constantly exhausted. A broad-minded fellow, his tolerance of others even attract Digimon to him. His childhood friend Akari saves him so many times from danger that he feels forever indebted and is at her beck and call. His father is a sports trainer who tours around the nation, so he lives alone with his mother.

Source: With the Will Forum Topic