Shoutmon, Roar!

Japanese Name: 
シャウ卜モン、吠える! (Shautomon, Hoeru!)

After being pulled into the Digital World, Taiki and his friends are taken by the Digimon Shoutmon to the place where he lives, "The Village of Smiles". There, they learn that the entire Digital World is engulfed in a war to gain the right for sovereignty. Feeling that he needs Taiki's help, Shoutmon appeals to Taiki to stay in the Digital World and fight with them. But all thanks to a certain word, Taiki and Shoutmon get into a huge fight. While they argue with each other, the new Bagura empire's Digimon attacks them again... What will happen to the future of Taiki, Shoutmon, and the Digital World?!

Source: With the Will Forum Topic