Island Zone is in Turmoil!

Japanese Name: 
アイランドゾーン、激動! (Airando Zōn, Gekidō!)

After using the X Loader to DigiXros Dorulumon with Shoutmon X2 (Shoutmon and Ballistamon), Taiki defeats MadLeomon, a veteran Digimon of the Bagra army who intends to control the Digimon world. When he does, a glittering gold metal shaped like a diamond comes down to him from the sky! Taiki and the others look doubtfully at this item that they have no idea about. That is when the mysterious beauty, Nene Amano appears, explaining to them that the gold piece is a fragment of the "Code Crown" which one can use to control the Digital World in whatever way one pleases. Taiki listens to Nene and puts the Code Crown into his X Loader before moving on to the next Zone. But around that time, the Bagura army is also working in secret to collect fragments of the Code Crown...?!

Source: With the Will Forum Topic